Under Construction for 4-4-13 @ 8:30pm/CST

List questions for the chat based on Will Richardson's Why School? book section Discover, don't deliver the curriculum .

1. How do you let your students discover the curriculum?
2. How should I go about letting my students discover the curriculum when I have standards to teach?
3. How can I promote inquiry in my lessons?
4. What resources have you used to support this type of learning?
5. What can you do to promote "Discovery" in your school?
6. Do you have a favorite project where students discover the curriculum? What is it & how did it come about?
7. How do you incorporate real world learning into the curriculum?
8. How can we help teachers to teach in this way (break out of the traditional teacher role)?
9. What skills are needed by the teacher?
10. Are you using digital portfolios? If so, share what you are doing.