Here are the guiding questions which will be used during the "Share Everything"
#whyschoolbook Chat on 3-7-13 at 9:30pm EST

How are you sharing online or how would you like to be sharing online?
What suggestions do you have for people sharing online?
What are some Web 2.0 tools that you have used to share online or that you have had your Ss use? (examples here could be video production tools, audio tools, slide tools, etc.)
If using an RSS reader, which one are you using and what are you reading?
What blogs are you reading that inspire or inform your work?
Who would you suggest following on Twitter for inspiration or learning?
How do you support others who are sharing online?
How can we make sure our students are leaving our school’s well Googled?
Are there any negatives to sharing online?
Are you experiencing any roadblocks?
What other questions or comments do you have for tonight’s chat?

(Next month’s chat on April 4 will be devoted to Discover, don’t deliver, the curriculum. Please prepare to share practical examples.)