List questions for the chat based on Will Richardson's Why School? book section, Talk to Strangers.

The next chat will be on May 2nd at 8:30pm/CST.

Guiding Questions

1. Are your students connecting globally? If so, what are the benefits?

2. What platforms, tools are you using to connect with others?

3. What types of activities are your students sharing globally?

4. How are you making connections for your students? What resources are you using?

5. What types of Digital Citizenship activities/guideline do your students participate/follow before/during/after connecting?

6. How are parents informed/give consent about Global Connections?

7. What are some ways you can make connecting globally 'relevant'?

8. Should you assess students' understanding after making connections? If so, how should it be done?

9. What are some obstacles you forsee? What are some solutions to those obstacles?

10. Why do you think there is resistance to connect globally?