What is #whyschoolbook?

It's a hashtag educators or anyone else can use in Twitter to talk about issues specific to "Why School: How Education Must Change When Information and Learning Are Everywhere ?" by Will Richardson.

What will be the purpose of #whyschoolbook?

Using #whyschoolbook will create a network of those interested in investigating/sharing ideas/resources around the idea of restructuring schools.

Who can participate?

We welcome anyone who is interested in connecting on topics related to Why School?

When does #whyschoolbook meet?

The first Thursday of the month from 8:30 pm central time. If you have a topic of interest please send it to Nancy Carroll at @ncarroll24 or Merri Beth Kudrna at @mbkudrna.

How does it work?

1. Log onto Twitter

2. Use the #whyschoolbook hashtag on all of your tweets.

3. Join in the conversation / add input/ ask questions.